What we do:

CasaNoSpam is a tool that helps individuals to sell their property without a real estate agency, without being bombarded with phone calls and e-mails from agencies.

This is possible with CasaNoSpam as the e-mails coming from the real estate advertising websites are sent to an e-mail alias of CasaNoSpam and a series of automatic as well as manual controls are applied.

As a last step, the filtered messages are sent to the owner of the property.

How does CasaNoSpam work:

When you want to sell a property by yourself through a real estate advertising website, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate a mail alias via CasaNoSpam: https://www.casanospam.com/trial/

  2. advertise your property on one or more real estate advertising websites, such as Immobiliare.it, casa.it, subito.it, without publishing your phone number and enter the email alias that is provided to you by CasaNoSpam

With the CasaNoSpam alias the emails will be forwarded to a CasaNoSpam mailbox and you will receive only the filtered messages in your mailbox.

  1. emails from potential buyers, including unwanted messages from agencies, are delivered to the email alias provided by CasaNoSpam These emails are filtered in several steps:
  • automatic software written specifically for this purpose that filters most of the messages coming from real estate agencies;
  • a second step might involve a manual check to filter emails that the software is not sure how to classify;
  • in the event that the potential buyer asks to be called and we are not sure if he is a private one, then a phone call will also be made.
  1. The contacts of potential private buyers are forwarded to the owner of the property for sale. At this point the owner can proceed with his own negotiations with the potential buyers.