Frequently Asked Questions

To whom this site is useful?

This site is aimed at individual owners who want to sell their property independently, without a real estate agency.

How much does this service cost?

The first 14 days are for free, then the cost is 24.9 euro per month or 18.9 euro if billed for 6 months for one property, regardless of the number of advertising portals you use.

I didn’t receive any registration confirmation, what happened?

Please check the spam folder of your email. Subscription notifications arrive within minutes, if nothing has arrived it could have ended up in spam.

Is this a real estate agency?

No. In fact, this is a useful service for those who want to sell their property by themselves, without receiving unwanted messages from real estate agencies.

When can this service be deactivated?

It can be deactivated at any time before the automatic renewal payment for the following period (1 month or 6 months according to the plan that you selected). The service will continue to be active until the end of the previously paid period.

Are the filtered messages forwarded immediately?

In order to make accurate checks, we ask the sender whether he is a private individual and, if necessary, we also check by telephone. After receiving an answer, which may take some time, you will be forwarded the message of the potential buyer.

How can I verify that the CasaNoSpam service works?

By accessing the control panel of the real estate advertising websites where you placed your ad, you can always check the complete list of messages received and see that the messages forwarded by CasaNoSpam include only those of potential private buyers.